Lakeview Doodles is a proud member of

The Goldendoodle Association of North America

"Committed To The Future Of The Goldendoodle"




Our breeders friends who we highly recommend if we can not provide you with a puppy. These breeders also belong to "GANA" The Goldendoodle Association of North America & do the same extensive health testing just as we do.

Lakeshore Doodles (New York) Beth Giordano -

Cliberdoodle Puppies (Michigan) April Cliber -




Doodle Vacation Drop~Off

at Camp Gorton

with Chris & Lori Gorton

Dog sitting service available to families of Lakeview Doodles dogs/puppies.

We are located just 10 minutes from the Syracuse airport.

Instead of using a kennel, drop your doodle off to a stress free, loving home where they can be spoiled and have fun romping with our two doodles, Goliath (f1 standard goldendoodle) & Dolly (f1 english goldendoodle).

For information and availability email Lori at



Hidden Pet Fence

by Ralph Rizzo ~ Pet Specialist

Positive Reinforcement & Gentle Lite-Touch Training



Earthborn Holistic "Puppy Vantage"

To find a store near you who sells Earthborn, visit the Earthborn Holistics website & use their store locater.


Two Belles Training Bells
For Your Puppy or Dog