We highly recommend our daughters breeding program as well!

Point Breeze Doodles
New York
Julianna Engelbert


We are proudly a part of the
Goldendoodle Association of North America




Lakeview Doodle Vacation Drop~Off

Thinking of going away, and can't bring your doodle with you...
We have a couple of options for our local families.

If you live in the Rochester, you're welcome to contact our daughter Julianna at (585) 362-9684 (text).
Scott & Alisa Leach, who have Lakeview's Teddy Francis & Charlie, are another great option!
You can text Alisa at (585) 317-2239.

If you're looking for someone to come & stay at your house in the Rochester area, we highly recommend
Hannah Wooledge ~ I Stay-You Go Home & Pet Care.
You can contact her right thru facebook.



Hidden Pet Fence

by Ralph Rizzo ~ Pet Specialist

Positive Reinforcement & Gentle Lite-Touch Training