About Us & Behind the Scenes at Lakeview Doodles...




Our family discovered and fell in love with the labradoodle and goldendoodle breed in 2004 while searching for an all around friendly, intelligent, low to non-shedding family dog. When our neighbor first mentioned the breed to us, Beth remembers saying "a whater-doodle?" and that's how it all started...
Here we are, 18 years later, and Lakeview Doodles is truly a full family run business!

Our kids have always been a very big part of LVD. When they were younger, they would help socialize puppies, keep the play areas clean, help feed and water, etc.. Now that they're older, they have chosen to help out even more.
Here is a glimpse at what everyone does!

Julianna, now 19, still does a lot of the puppy work, along with being Beth's right hand gal. She assists with breeding's, picture sessions, puppy play socialization days, and puppy delivery trips. Julianna also runs Lakeview's Instagram page, watches our past puppies when their families go away, and countless other things!

Joey, now 20, runs his own construction company, Engelbert's On-Shore Construction, specializing in shoreline construction, but still makes the time to do all of our grounds work. He also accompanies (and chauffeur's) Beth on many of the puppy delivery trips!

Josh, now 29, helps out wherever help is needed. At the end of the day, after working his full-time job,
he stops over to see if there is anything he can help with, and for dinner!

Gianni is Josh's little guy, and at 7 years old and he's our official "Puppy Socializer & Puppy Whisper!"
If you come to one of our puppy play socialization days, chances are good you will meet Gianni, who will happily tell you all about "his" puppies!

Jake, now 27, has spent the last few years exploring opportunities in California, Florida, and New York.
We look forward to having him spend time with us this summer!

Andy and Beth, whose ages are a mystery, are at the helm of it all.
In 2017 Andy took an early retirement from the town, where he worked for many years, to help Beth with the day-to-day tasks. His main area of expertise is bathing the puppies! He does a great job, making sure to keep everyone fresh and clean! He also drives countless hours every week, picking up and dropping off our guardian dogs from their homes. Sometime they just have to come to our house for a breeding, or go to the vets for a progesterone test, health testing, spay/neutering, etc... Being our vet is a hour and a half round trip, it's quite a hike, but Ridge Animal Hospital is well worth the trip!

In the meantime, Beth takes care of the other behind the scenes work. Some of which includes breeding's, both natural and artificial insemination, ultrasounds, whelping litters, checking weights, trimming toenails (every three to five days on puppies who are newborn to eight weeks old!), dewormers, vaccines, microchips, and puppy vet check-ups. She also gives our adults haircuts, otherwise known as "The Beth Cut"! Picture taking, picture taking, more picture taking, and picture editing. Beth is also in charge of running and updating the website, along with facebook. She handles emails and spends countless hours talking by phone daily with perspective families, while keeping in touch with our past families, especially now through our facebook "family group", and answering any questions they may have. She is in charge of keeping the calendar organized, scheduling appointments, planning (and hosting) our yearly doodle romp, our yearly eye cerf clinic, and hosting our puppy play socialization days for each litter when the puppies reach 6 weeks of age. Beth makes sure to prepare for puppies to go home by putting together their binders and going home bags, and also making our delivery trips to Albany, MA, CT, NJ, NYC, Long Island, and PA to bring our puppies to meet their new families!

We wish it were as easy as living in "puppy heaven", as we hear so often, but having amazing puppies and creating a relationship with so many of our wonderful families makes it worth the work! We've been told that getting a puppy from us is like gaining a whole extra family, and we can imagine anything better.



Joey, Julianna, Gianni & Josh