About Us


Our family discovered and fell in love with the labradoodle & goldendoodle breed while searching for an all around friendly, intelligent, low to non-shedding family dog. When our neighbor first mentioned the breed to us I remember saying " a whater-doodle" and that's how this all started.... thanks Lynne!

We are a Christian, non-smoking family who enjoys spending time at the lake and on our 7 acres of  wooded land situated at the end of a small private road in Upstate New York. Our family is made up of my husband Andy, myself, our three sons Josh 21, Jake 20, Joey 12 and our daughter Julianna age 11.  The children are very involved with helping raise the puppies from birth until they go home to their new families. Joey our youngest son normally will "help" me the day the puppies go home as well. He loves to tell our puppy families all about the feeding & napping schedules, microchips, training techniques, etc.... Then he'll go on to tell you about his dog Muffin our f1 goldendoodle and how he's been working with her to become a therapy dog like many of our past puppies have now become!

Muffin along with our other adults and puppies enjoy all kinds of activities with our family. Other than their favorite swimming & boating in the lake, they love going to the kids schools to visit, family gatherings and just about anywhere else they can come along with us.

All of our adult dogs and puppies live inside a home, never a basement, garage or kennel. Our adult dogs either live with us or in a guardian home. A guardian home is where a dog/puppy who has been chosen for breeding lives with a family, as part of their family. When the dog/puppy is old enough they are fully health tested for hips, eyes, thyroid, vonwillabrands, CBC and panel testing. Only if they pass all of this extensive health testing will they become a breeder. After a female is bred she will continue to live with her family until she is ready to whelp the litter. At this time she will return to our house and stay until she is finished nursing and caring for her puppies.
From the time the puppies are born both mom and babies have our full attention. As the weeks go on the puppies become accustom to the every day sights and sounds of a very active family household. At the end of the eight weeks they are socially, physically and emotionally ready to adjust to their new family!